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WallBox-Т1-7-1Р-5.0 electric vehicle charging station

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WallBox-Т1-7-1Р-5.0 electric vehicle charging station provides alternating current charge through connector Type1 capacity 7 kW. The compact design of the wall-mounted housing makes it a versatile and inexpensive solution for charging your own electric vehicle. A standard cable length of 5 meters allows to conveniently place the EV charger station near the parking place of an electric vehicle (optionally available versions with a cable of 3 or 7 meters).

LED display and advanced protection system make the operation of this model convenient and safe. Optional control is available from a mobile device or PC.

Product Code: 1457-35
Model WallBox-Т1-7-1Р-5.0
Device Type Charging station
Output voltage type Alternating current
Form factor Wall-mounted
Supported standards Type1
Warranty 24 months
Maximum power consumption 7,1 kW
Rated input voltage 220, 230 V alternating current (AC)
Input frequency range 50 Hz
Input connection type Connection terminal: 2-wire system with grounding
DC output power n/a
DC output voltage n/a
DC output current n/a
AC output power 7 kW
AC output voltage 220, 230 V
AC output current Up to 32 A
Working Conditions
Operating temperature 0°C ... +50°C
Operating relative humidity 0 … 95%
Operating height above sea level 0 … 3000 m
Protection class IP54
Noise level Less than 58 dB
Physical Characteristics
Unit size (W х D х H), mm 232х302х110
Compliance with standards
Declaration of conformity n/a

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