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Cooling and filters: fan modules and filters

Cooling and filters: fan modules and filters

Fan modules used to cool equipment in telecommunication cabinets during operation. To prevent dust from entering the equipment, additional filters may be installed in ventilation openings.


  • Fan modules support thermal management, which allows efficient cooling without unnecessary energy
  • Powder-polymer coating ensures the case safety of fan modules, thereby prolonging equipment life and maintaining its visual attractiveness
  • Simple installation process for modular fans in telecommunication cabinets
  • Cleaning air used for cooling with a filter installed on fan module provides protection from dust inside cabinet
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Fan unit SHAТ 800 mm
A fan shelf used to provide additional forced cooling of installed in a telecommunication cabinet equipment. Designed for use in 19-inch structures with a depth of 800 mm, corresponding to GOST 28601.2 (IEC 297). ..

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