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Modular UPS SIP380A600MD20.10-33/50SK04 double conversion with a three-phase input and output, with a total power of 600 kW. The UPS is fully equipped with twelve power modules with a capacity of 50 kW each. The delivery package includes external battery racks with 120 pieces of HMS-12-120 battery and a SHBO backplane-3-3-1600/SK04. The output power factor of 1.0 allows you to connect more modern equipment with high active power.


  • Output power factor 1.0 provides active power up to 600 kW
  • Three-phase modular system with double conversion and zero switchover time to batteries
  • Parallel operation of up to six modular systems
  • Minimal load on the mains or generator due to the low input harmonic distortion coefficient
  • Separate bypass input to increase system reliability


  • Control interfaces: RS-232/485, USB, LBS, ModBus port, slot for SNMP or dry contacts cards
  • Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
  • General touchscreen TFT display

Installation and operation

  • Execution in dimensions of 19" telecommunication racks for compact placement
  • Wide range of input voltage and frequency
  • High conversion efficiency up to 96.5%
  • Easy modules replacement
  • MTBF of up to 250 000 hours
  • High efficiency mode for energy saving (ECO mode)
  • Intelligent battery charging for extending battery life
  • Automatic self-test to increase system reliability
Product Code: 1509-07
UPS model SIP380A600MD20.10-33/50SK04
Apparent Power, kVA 600
Active power, kW 600
Input phases 3 phases
Output phases 3 phases
Form factor Modular
Modular UPS cabinet SIP380A600MDSH20-33/50SK04
Installed power modules SIP380A50MDS.10-33 x 12
Installed battery modules None
Number of spare expansion slots 0
Warranty 24 months
Rated input voltage 380, 400, 415 V
Rated voltage range 138 ~ 485 V
Input frequency range 40 ~ 70 Hz
Rated input current Up to 965 ampere
Input power factor ≥ 0,99
Total harmonic distortion at the input Less than 3% at full non-linear load
Voltage range in ECO mode ± 10%
Input connection type Connection terminal: three phases, neutral and ground
Rated output voltage 380, 400, 415 V
Output voltage accuracy ± 1 %
Topology and form of the output voltage Online UPS with pure sine wave output
Distortion of the output voltage ≤2% on linear load
Output frequency (battery mode) 50, 60 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
Output power factor 1.0
Peak load ratio 3:1
Overload capacity When working from the mains: up to 110% - 60 minutes, up to 125% - 10 minutes, up to 150% - 1 minute
Efficiency in online mode 96,5%
Efficiency in ECO mode 99%
Surge Protection 5600 J
Filtering Integrated filter
Type of output connection Connection terminal: three phases, neutral and ground
Bypass circuit (bypass)
Bypass type Electronic and manual service bypass
Bypass voltage range From +10% up to -45% (settable max +15%, +20%, +25% and min -10%, -20%, -30%)
Bypass frequency range ±10% (settable ±1%, ±2%, ±4%, ±5%)
Built-in battery External battery shelving with 120 pieces of HMS-12-120 battery
Battery Type Leak-acid sealed with leakage protection
Quantity of internal batteries -
DC bus voltage ± 240 V (settable: ± 180 ~ 300 V) direct current (DC)
Battery life (50% and 100% load) 10 minutes
Recharge time Depending on the capacity of the connected battery cabinet
Charge mode Intelligent charge with temperature compensation voltage
Charge current Up to 240 ampere
Transfer time to batteries 0 ms - from the mains to the battery
Battery Protection Over discharge, overvoltage and short circuit protection
Communications and Interfaces
Interface ports RS232/485, USB
Internal slot for control card SNMP card is pre-installed
Emergency power off (EPO) Do have
LCD display and indication TFT touch screen
Sound alarm Mains failure, low battery, overload, UPS error
Working Conditions
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Operating relative humidity 0 ~ 95 %
Operating height above sea level 0 ~ 3000 meters - up to 85% load, 0 ~ 1500 meters - 100% load
Storage temperature -25°C ~ +55°C
Storage height above sea level 0 ~ 10000 meters (recommended)
Protection class IP20, optional other degrees of protection available
Heat dissipation in online mode Up to 112628 BTU/hour
Noise level Less than 75 dB
Physical Characteristics
Unit size (W х D х H), mm 1200х850х2000 (UPS cabinet without battery)
Shipping Unit size (W х D х H), mm 1300x960x2200 (UPS cabinet)
Net weight, kg 958 (UPS without battery)
Shipping weight, kg 1044 (UPS without battery)
Compliance with standards
Safety TR TS 004/2011, IEC 62040-1, IEC 60950-1
ЕМС TR TS 020/2011, IEC 62040-2, IEC 61000-4-2/61000-4-3/61000-4-4/61000-4-5/61000-4-6/61000-4-8

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