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UPS installation rules

UPS with a power of more than 3 kVA is connected to the mains and load through terminal block and should only be performed by authorized service center specialists. UPS malfunctions arising from self-connection not covered by warranty.

After completing connection of UPS by an authorized service technician, an act of completion drawn up, which must presented later when applying for warranty service. If there is an act of performance of work from an authorized service center, the warranty period for UPS excluding rechargeable batteries may counted from the date of completion of work on connection.

General recommendations for placement and connection of UPS:

Room intended for UPS installation must comply with following requirements:

  • maximum permissible temperature 0~40°С; recommended 20~25°С, relative humidity 5~95%;;
  • high levels of dust, presence of heat sources, aggressive and combustible gases are not allowed;
  • forced cooling is provided for the room corresponding to dissipated by UPS power ;
  • floor loading capacity corresponds to weight of UPS and battery packs;
  • cables were laid and input and output circuit breakers installed corresponding to UPS power (requirements may differ for SIP380A and SIP380B series).

UPS delivery to the installation site should be in the factory packaging. Do not disassemble the UPS, drop it or place it on side.

Attention! Independent opening of sealed parts and parts of UPS leads to a refusal of warranty service.

To reduce commissioning time, increase installation culture and simplify further equipment maintenance in preparation for installation, you must:

  1. Mark cables (input, output, battery) with colored tape or heat-shrinkable tube in accordance with the PUE.
  2. Place cable tags at least from UPS side. Label should indicate source and connection point of cable, brand and length of cable.
  3. UPS wiring diagram must enclosed in UPS. Diagram must indicate names and contact numbers of installers.

Compliance with above requirements will not only reduce labor costs when putting UPS into operation, but also reduce ownership cost of equipment.


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