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Battery selection for UPS

The correct battery selection is necessary to ensure the required battery life of the UPS. When calculating the battery capacity, the following parameters are taken into account:

  • The power consumed by the load in kW or kVA. In the second case, you need to enter the output power factor.
  • Minimum battery depth in volts per battery cell. As a rule, the UPS sets a discharge level of 1.7 V per cell. When the voltage drops below this level, the UPS shuts down to protect the batteries from overdischarge.
  • The voltage on the DC bus or the number of 12-volt batteries serially connected in one group.
  • Required battery life for the specified power consumption.

The listed parameters are sufficient for selecting uninterruptible power supply batteries. Using a calculator to select UPS batteries allows you to reduce the time to select the optimal solution for a given battery life.

UPS power
Discharge depth
Inverter Efficiency (%):
Backup time (min):
Power factor 
Maximum number of battery groups
Number of batteries in one group:
DC bus voltage:

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