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Production capabilities of Parus electro

Production capabilities of Parus electro LLC based on the use of our own production site in cooperation with other domestic large-scale manufacturers. This approach provides a reduction in manufacturing time and optimization of production costs.

To guarantee high quality products, all production facilities used by Parus electro LLC built according to a three-stage quality control system in accordance with ISO9001. It has its own audit and quality control system for contract manufacturers. Thanks to this, our products are not inferior to the leading world brands in technical and quality characteristics and at the same time more cost-effective and have a shorter production time.

Area "Ostrov-1"
Area "Ostrov-2"
Ostrov 2

Own production areas of Parus electro LLC are located in the Leninsky district of Moscow region and allow to perform following operations:

Production of connecting cables and harnesses
Line-1 Line-2 Line-3
Finish assembly and product testing
Assembly-1 Assembly-2 Assembly-3
Assembly and testing of large products, including containers
Assembly-4 Assembly-5 Assembly-6
Metalworking lines
Metalworking-1 Metalworking-2 Metalworking-3

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Uninterruptible power supply equipment: UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Rechargeable batteries.