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Maintenance service

Timely maintenance allows you to maximize potential of engineering solutions throughout the life cycle of the equipment and increase efficiency of the facility.

Performing maintenance of UPS allows you to achieve following tasks:

  • Proactive elimination of points of failure and unplanned downtime of equipment;
  • Use of access windows without affecting the critical load;
  • Infrastructure lifecycle planning;
  • Achieving operational resilience and management;
  • Implementation of business goals and strategic plans of enterprise.

Long and trouble-free operation of equipment in and after warranty period depends on compliance with operating conditions and periodic maintenance.

For three-phase uninterruptible power systems SIP380 series, should performed maintenance on an annual basis. When operating in difficult conditions or working at a responsible load, recommended to carry it out once every six months. Regular maintenance is a prerequisite for an extended warranty.

Main UPS maintenance services:

  • Remote logs analysis and recommendations development is performed free of charge if there is access via SNMP;
  • Conducting full UPS diagnostics at facility;
  • Proactive preventative maintenance;
  • Cleaning the inside of UPS;
  • Testing and replacing battery groups;
  • Scheduled replacement of fans and bus capacitors;
  • Service setup of UPS;
  • Audit the status of power grid;
  • Customer service training.


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