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Direct current electronic control unit IBP8-2,0/48R-4.4 is designed to ensure uninterrupted operation of telecommunication equipment with power up to 8 kW. Thanks to the modular design, power units easily replaceable during repair and maintenance. Operating range of AC power supply network is from 85 to 300 V with short-term emissions of up to 350 V. Thermal compensation system for the battery charge voltage allows extending its service life. EPU case made in the standard format of a 19" telecommunication rack, which ensures its compact placement. Remote monitoring of operation via RS-232/485 and SNMP is possible.

Product Code: 522-13
UPS model UPS8-2,0/48R-4.4
DC output voltage, V 48
Controller MPU1
Installed power modules 4
Power module type BP-2,0/48R
Number of spare expansion slots None
Warranty 12 months
Rated input voltage 380 / 220 V
Rated voltage range 85 ~ 300 V
Output voltage regulation 43 ~ 57 V
Maximum output power 8 kW
Maximum output current No less than 152 ampere
Efficiency over 95%
Working Conditions
Operating temperature -10°C … +50°C
Operating relative humidity 80% at +25°C
Physical Characteristics
Unit size (W х D х H), mm 482x400x221,5
Net weight, kg Less than 36

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