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Оnline UPS SIPB10KD.9-31 double-conversion with output power capacity 10 kVA for installation in a 19" rack or on the floor. Three-phase input for even load of power utility. Output power factor 0,9. Parallel operation up to 4 UPS. Internal slot for SNMP card installation.


  • Output power factor 0,9 provides high power density
  • Sinusoidal waveform (sine wave) type of output voltage in all modes of operation and zero transfer time to battery
  • Three-phase input for even load of power utility
  • Possibility of connection to a single-phase power supply network
  • Parallel operation of up to four UPS
  • Increase backup time by connecting external battery packs
  • High charge current for connecting external large capacity batteries
  • Automatic switching on the equipment when the power supply is restored
  • Cold start - UPS can start work powered by battery pack when power utility is not available


  • Informative LCD display with additional LED indication (mnemonic panel)
  • Integrated USB, RS-485 or RS-232 control interfaces
  • Internal slot for management card installation: SNMP, Modbus or dry contact
  • Emergency power off (EPO)
  • Additional dry contact interface (optional)

Installation and operation

  • Universal 19" rack or floor mounting
  • High-efficiency mode for power saving (ECO mode)
  • Intelligent battery charging for extending battery life
  • Automatic self-test to increase system reliability
  • Hot-swappable batteries
Product Code: 131-01
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UPS model SIPB10KD.9-31
Apparent Power, kVA 10
Active power, kW 9
Input phases 3 phases
Output phases 1 phase
Form factor Rack / Tower
Warranty 24 months
Rated input voltage 380 V (settable 400, 415 V)
Rated voltage range 208 ~ 478 V
Input frequency range 40 ~ 70 Hz
Rated input current Up to 60 ampere
Input power factor ≥ 0,99
Total harmonic distortion at the input ≤ 5% (at 100% non-linear load)
Voltage range in ECO mode Max +25% (settable +10%, +15%, +20%), min -45% (settable -20%, -30%)
Input connection type Connection terminal: three phases, neutral and ground
Rated output voltage 220 V (settable 208, 230, 240 V)
Output voltage accuracy ± 1 %
Topology and form of the output voltage Online UPS with pure sine wave output
Distortion of the output voltage ≤2% on linear load
Output frequency (battery mode) 50, 60 ±0.1 Hz
Output power factor 0.9
Peak load ratio 3:1
Overload capacity When working from the mains: up to 110% - 60 minutes, up to 125% - 10 minutes, up to 150% - 1 minute, above 150% - transfer to bypass
Efficiency in online mode ≥90% at full load
Efficiency in ECO mode ≥97% at full load
Surge Protection 300 joules
Filtering Integrated filter
Type of output connection Connection terminal and 2 sockets IEC320 C13 (10A)
Bypass circuit (bypass)
Bypass type Electronic
Bypass voltage range From +25% up to -45%
Bypass frequency range ±10% (settable ±1%, ±2%, ±4%, ±5%)
Built-in battery None
Battery Type Leak-acid sealed with leakage protection
DC bus voltage ±96 V, ±108 V, ±120 V direct current (DC) (settable)
Battery life (50% and 100% load) Depending on the capacity of the connected battery pack
Recharge time Depending on the capacity of the connected battery pack
Charge mode Intelligent charge with temperature compensation voltage
Charge current Up to 10 ampere
Transfer time to batteries 0 ms - from the mains to the battery
Battery Protection Over discharge, overvoltage and short circuit protection
Communications and Interfaces
Interface ports RS485 or RS232, USB
Internal slot for control card SNMP card slot, modbus or dry contact
Emergency power off (EPO) Do have
LCD display and indication Digital LCD display and mnemonic diagram
Sound alarm Mains failure, low battery, overload, UPS error
Working Conditions
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Operating relative humidity 0 ~ 95 %
Operating height above sea level 0 ~ 3000 meters
Storage temperature -25°C ~ +55°C
Storage height above sea level 0 ~ 10000 meters (recommended)
Protection class IP20
Heat dissipation in online mode 2775 BTU/hour
Noise level Less than 55 dB
Physical Characteristics
Unit size (W х D х H), mm 443x580x131 (without battery pack)
Shipping Unit size (W х D х H), mm 573x746x230
Net weight, kg 25
Shipping weight, kg 27
Compliance with standards
Safety TR TS 004/2011, IEC 62040-1
ЕМС TR TS 020/2011, IEC 62040-2

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