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UMN controller

Связь инжиниринг


UMN controller allows you to keep track voltage and temperature of 5 series-connected batteries. Up to 2 groups can be controlled, connected according to scheme with a common positive potential. Possible to combine up to 16 controllers in a Modbus network with setting addressing via DIP switches. There are 4 inputs of a dry contact for monitoring status of environmental sensors and safety.


  • Modbus connection to SNMP card
  • Connection Connector - RJ45 and Terminals
  • Combining up to 16 controllers on a single Modbus


  • High accuracy of measuring battery voltage in range of 10...15 V with an accuracy of 23 mV
  • Wide temperature measurement range -40 °C ~ + 80 °C
  • Error of temperature measurement in range of 0 °C ~ + 50 °C does not exceed 3 °C
  • Monitoring of three inputs of dry contacts and "Shoroh" security sensor

Installation and operation

  • Compact plastic case 4 modules wide with DIN rail mounting TH35
  • +5 V DC power supply (up to 2 UMN controllers can be connected to a KUIM-32 card without an additional power supply)
Product Code: 586-08
Board model Controller UMN
Applicable with UPS KUIM-32 card for SIPB/SIP380, SNMP card for UPS8
Protocols Modbus RTU 9600 bps
Execution Plastic case 4 modules wide according to DIN 43880
Warranty 12 months
Connectors 2xRJ45 for modbus communication, terminal blocks for connecting sensors
Authentication Via SNMP card
Sensors connection 10 thermistors KTY81/210 for temperature monitoring on two groups of batteries, 3 sensors dry contact, one sensor breaking "Shoroh"
Output signals Temperature and voltage in two groups of 5 batteries, state of 4 inputs dry contact
Control commands Battery voltage and temperature survey, dry contact sensor survey and "Shoroh", sensor "Shoroh" reset
Working Conditions
Operating temperature -40°C ~ +80°C
Operating relative humidity 0 ~ 95 %
Operating height above sea level 0 ~ 3000 meters
Storage temperature -55°C ~ +80°C
Storage height above sea level 0 ~ 15000 meters
Physical Characteristics
Unit size (W х D х H), mm 72x60x90
Shipping Unit size (W х D х H), mm n/a
Net weight, kg 0,105
Shipping weight, kg n/a

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