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18Ah batteries

This section contains all batteries with a capacity of 18Ah under the brand name Parus electro. This and other sections will help You quickly select battery for required power of consumer. Calculation of backup time/power connected load performed using the formula:
P = Q * V * k/ t
t = Q * V * k/P
where P - load power, W; t - backup time, h; Q - battery capacity, Ah; V - voltage, V; k - coefficient adopted by 0.7 (discharge by 70%) to increase the battery life. As a result:
Required time/load values inserted into the formulas. For example, with an operating time 6 hours, load can be up to 25,2 W and for a load of 40 W, operating time will be 3,78 hours.

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Battery HML-12-18 specifications: Rated voltage: 12V; Rated capacity: 18 Ah; Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 181x77x167; Weight: 6,1 kg; Technology: AGM; Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid; Terminal type: M5 (terminal diameter of 12 mm for a bolt of 5 mm); De..
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