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Battery HML-12-18 specifications:

  • Rated voltage: 12V;
  • Rated capacity: 18 Ah;
  • Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 181x77x167;
  • Weight: 6,1 kg;
  • Technology: AGM;
  • Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid;
  • Terminal type: M5 (terminal diameter of 12 mm for a bolt of 5 mm);
  • Design Life: 12 years.

Lead-acid battery HML-12-18 based on AGM technology with long life and high cyclicity. HML batteries used in uninterruptible power supply systems, security and emergency lighting, communication equipment and other equipment with a large number of charge – discharge battery cycles. Electrolyte bound in separators between the plates and always remains stationary, that allows battery operate in any position.

Product Code: 980-05
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Battery model HML-12-18
Rated voltage, V 12
Rated capacity, Ah 18
Scope of application Long service life
Operational life 12 years
Technology AGM
Connection Type M6 (terminal diameter 12 mm for vertical bolt 6 mm)
Warranty 12 months
Electrical Specifications
Internal resistance, mOhm 15
Self-discharge at 25⁰ С for 3 months Less than 9%
Maximum discharge current, A (at 25⁰ C) 225
Maximum allowable charging current, A 6.8
Ambient temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Mass and dimensional characteristics
Overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm 181x77x167
Total height (with leads), mm 167
Weight, kg 6.1
Packaging type Cardboard
Number of batteries in a package 2
Package dimensions (L x W x H), mm 200x175x200
Compliance with standards
Declaration of conformity PA01.B.68069/21 valid till 17.02.2024

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